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Liberty Go PR is free iOS app published by Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico Ltd

Awful APP


The one that it was before this complex and fancy app was by FAR better…. I just hate that doesn’t have Picture in Picture option… so I can’t watch tv while working on my cellphone as well…. AWFUL.



The old app worked . Liberty you are going down with the developer.

Thank you Liberty!

Diaz Tony

It is perfect ... of course you must have an account with them, so you must be subscribed to their service at home and you just have to put your email and password and that's it ... you will have all the programming you have at home with the advantage that now you can see everything also in your cell phone or tablet ... thanks Liberty! ?? Es perfecto ... por supuesto debes tener una cuenta con ellos, por lo que debes estar suscrito a su servicio en casa y solo debes poner tu email y contraseña y listo ... tendrás toda la programación que tienes en casa con la ventaja de que ahora puedes ver todo también en tu celular o tablet ... ¡gracias Liberty! ??

Bring the old app back.


I use to see everything in my iPad with the old app. But now I keep receiving this message “ Streaming on this device is not permitted by the content provider.” Please bring the old app back.

What I would do to not have to use this app


If you stream live TV and are a Liberty customer, consider a Sling/FUBO account. Whoever is in charge of running this app does not care about quality. The audio and video never synchronize, so, after a couple of seconds, you see things before hearing them, making the whole experience useless. But why continue to use it if its so bad? BECAUSE LIBERTY DENIES YOU ACCESS TO THE STREAMING SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE CHANNELS THEMSELVES. You are forced to watch through their app, instead of using the NBC Sports app, or the ESPN app, or the TBS app, etc. There is no customer support feature for the app, so there is no one you can report the problem to. You can try contacting Liberty themselves, but they don’t care. I’ve contacted it many times, it never gets fixed. Why would they care? You’re tied to their app anyway. You have no option but to suffer the horrible experience. Imagine if I am frustrated, that I took the time to write this review.

No funciona


He intentado utilizar la app por más de un año sin éxito. iPhone XR; la última vez que he intentado con iOS 14.6.

Amazing App


This is the solution when you can’t see a sport event at home but of course, on hand! Thanks Liberty

Liberty Go is the worst

Eevee 10km

The app simply dies not work. You can never connect to live tv and when it does the quality us horrible. Dont try to use it, it is a waste of time. Liberty does Not provide live tv on mobile because this crap does not count.

Why waisting time


Just one word WORTHLESS

Update para qué


¿Para qué acaban de hacer un update? Es la peor aplicación que he tenido, nada está en mi paquete, ni locales ni extranjeros, entonces para qué es esta aplicación. Si pago por un servicio de cable tv de Liberty se supone que pueda ver los canales por esta aplicación pero no se puede ver NADA.