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Labyrinth Madness 3D is a polished quality game that merges high quality presentation with amazing physics gaming. You will need to “move” the ball (3d sphere) from one point to the other. This “maze” based will develop and explore all your gaming needs. Using you best logistics, physics and overall calculating skills you will have to guide the ball to the target point to win the game with tilt based control.
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Games $0.99 Galia Aviram iPhone, iPad, iPod


- Awesome 3D graphics with a tilt supported perspective and orientation adjustment (option)
- Best Physics engine ever!
- 25 polished levels
- Best music and sound effects!
- Easy to use interface
- Original soundtrack
- Calibration Adjustment
- Multiple balls to select from
- Ball sensitivity controls
- 3D tilt on/off
- Stat section/Reset Stats

With this addictive gameplay, you will get hooked from the start!


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