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Stanley Kubrix (1928 - 2019) was an American brick layer, mason, and engineer. He is frequently cited as one of the greatest and most influential structural workers in construction history. His bricks, which are mostly adaptations of other architects' designs, cover a wide range of uses, and are noted for their durability, density, and extensive lifespan.
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Kubrix is the culmination of the knowledge, experience, insight, judgment, and wisdom of this American hero.

• Pretty Fun Gameplay (it's all right)
• No Filler - A Veritable Infinity of Meticulously Definitely Handcrafted Puzzles
• A whole bunch of gradients
• An elaborate hint system
• Over 400 inspirational quotes
• Also there are Leaderboards
• And some Achievements
• Oh and iCloud support
• (plus some ads to pay the bills)


Well not really a game
Flying too often

I tried six levels. It all came down to random turns without knowing what will happen. It does not allow any thinking; it only allows you to try. Not interesting and full of ads of even more annoying games. Layout is well done; game play is silly

Trouble after update

Love this game right up to the last update. Now the game freezes over and over.

Game crashes on iOS 13

This is “the game of day” today but it is not iOS 13 compatible. I am using iOS 13.1.1 on iPhone X. It had a crash at level 8 for the first time. Now it crashes at level 11, probably when I try to zoom out. Please fix it. Thank you!


Es muy bueno y mas si puedes usas tus audifonos a la vez

This game
youtube@ Disapiontment vlogs

Good game to many adds.


While the concept isn’t bad, the game design limits itself. You literally can just start at the center and work your way outward from there. Most of the blocks/rings/whatever don’t even have lines/tracks on unused sides so it’s just a matter of spinning each one til they line up. There is no skill involved and it is far from being even remotely challenging. Uninstalled after level 12.

Game keeps crashing

Sorry can’t even play for a minute, or less without it crashing 7 times. So with this in mind I can’t really give the game a fair rating, as I see many others have no problems with this. It could have something to be with WiFi, as I’m not on my WiFi currently, but with or without WiFi it should not be completely crashing.


After the 1st 10 levels, the “challenge” still lacked! It became truly boring. Uninstalled

Super fun
Rachey B.

This game is great! But for what ever reason the sounds freak me the heck out so I have to play it on silent ?


Stanley Kubrix died in 1999, not 2018. Don’t be deceitful.

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