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KleeMoji - Keyboard Emoji Pack

KleeMoji is the #1 Emoji App for Alaskan Klee Kai lovers worldwide.
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Entertainment $1.99 Fuzzy Sword, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod


Now you can message friends and family allowing the KleeMoji to speak for you!! Face it, we all know how Klee Kai LOVE TO SPEAK and how SMART they are!!

SHARE these stickers and let the world become more familiar with this beautiful and rare breed.


1.) KleeMoji includes over 50 original Emojis hand painted by talented artists.
2.) Two words: ANIMATED KleeMoji !!!
3) Quick & simple installation -> as keyboard / Messages App (iOS10 only)
4.) Keyboard EMOJI used for texting AND Facebook.
5.) For iMessage - Peel and stick Stickers to place anywhere on screen.
6.) FREE updates means always FREE content.
7.) No IAP's, No-thing to buy again EVER.
8.) Very Interactive Facebook Page - Inspire a KleeMoji today.
9.) Works in Facebook & other social media apps


~ Open the app, select the emoji and share it wherever you like


~ Install the Keyboard in Settings>Keyboard>Add>KleeMoji>Full Access
~ For any messaging app and select an emoji. Paste it on the text box.

What KleeMoji you would love to see? Write us a review on the AppStore and tell us which one you want! We will add them in the next update. Or tell us which ones you love best..we'd love to hear from you!


A big THANK YOU to everyone who provided pictures of their fur babies to create these Stickers! AKK and Husky owners are the BEST!! Please keep posting pictures of your pets to the Facebook page @kleemoji and tag them #kleemoji.


Security and Privacy are our #1 priority.

Using the keyboard Emoji in will require you to "ALLOW FULL ACCESS"
Why is this required? The Short answer is that in order to function as a real keyboard KleeMoji will need to send keystrokes to the server for processing, which include:

1.) analyzing your sentence for grammar
2.) analyzing a word for spelling
3.) predicting the word you are typing
4.) provide a basic auto-correct feature

One additional note, you cannot use a custom keyboard to type into a password field. iOS will always use the system keyboard for password fields. Developers that do process your keystrokes will not have access to your passwords.

The warning when installing the keyboard sounds scary however please know that KleeMoji nor Fuzzy Sword, LLC NEVER COLLECT ANY PERSONAL DATA FROM YOU. Your data is safe.

Also, you can send the emoji from the app or download the images if you're concerned as it doesn't require full access.


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