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Do you want to win REAL Prizes without all of the TRIVIA? You've come to the right place...
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Games Free Fuzzy Sword, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod


Coin wars is a new, fun and addictive game that combines simple coin flipping with multiplayer action. Flip a coin against a buddy or someone halfway across the world and try to take their money with this Original Game.

Regular Game Play

-4 Game Rooms to choose from
-Multiplayer games from to 2 to 5 players at a time

COIN WAR Mode (Tiebreaker round)
-When there is a TIE, all Coins go into a pot and players Play for the Pot.
-When Playing with GOLD Coins, you can earn Black coins in Coin War Mode
-When playing with BLACK Coins, you can earn Collection Coins in Coin War Mode.

Contests to Earn Real Cash Prizes

Contest announcements will be made in the App and on the Website ( EACH WEEK IS DIFFERENT!

1.) In App - "Weekly Challenge" countdown button --> "This Weeks POW"

2.) Website- "This weeks Prize" button

3.) Facebook Page Announcements

Game is as SIMPLE as this:
-Each week there is a new CONTEST with new rules to WIN.
-Game points reset each week.
- The rules and P.O.W. (Prize of the Week) will be announced in advance.
-Qualification: Must have Collection Coins (Quantity depends on Prize). NO PURCHASE Necessary or permitted to enter weekly tournament; Just have enough collection coins..collected.
-Contest Leaderboard updates realtime so players can track their standings.
-Magical Pixies are in the game to steal players COINS.
-See Official Rules at

Note: This is a free game that may require IAP's if you run out of coins.


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