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ITS'a ME! Girl Version

ITS'a not a SHE! ITS'a not a HE!....ITS'a ME !!!
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Social Networking $0.99 Kenny Yee iPhone, iPad, iPod

The much anticipated release is here!
Create fun filled avatars for use on your profiles and social network accounts! Browse through all the different assortments of facial features to create the ULTIMATE YOU !!

This is the all Girls version. If you're looking to make Boy avatars please look for "Its'a ME! Boy Version" in the itunes app store.

Updates will be made periodically to add more hair style and clothing as well as other features.



Spectacular app!!!

I love, love, LOVE this app!!! <3 <3 <3 this is the best avatar creating app, hands-down! my only reason for not giving it five stars, is because you cannot SAVE.. what the heck??? but other then that, THIS IS THE BEST! <3

Joel Stearns

Music is sik!

Sweet App!

Love this app. So cute.

Its'a GREAT!

Wow yes yes thank you for releasing the girl version! I had so much fun with the Boy Version of the app. n_n Awesome updates thanks! This is by far the best avatar maker I've seen!

Two things...
Princess Otaku

While this is a fun app, I have a few complaints about it that I wish the makers would fix: first off, you can't toggle the music and sound effects on and off (personally, I find the music to be kind of irritating). Second off, I find it a bit difficult to select the features I want for my avatar, because the buttons are so small. If you could make the buttons a bit bigger, I would very much appreciate it. But other than that, it is indeed a very fun app, and I highly recommend it.

Luv it!

Get the real version! ;) you'll have fun with it. :D

Don't buy

Black screen

Not Good. At. All.

I can't even open it. It just shows a black screen that won't change. I've tried being patient. I waited with my phone plugged in for two hours. No dice. This is the worst experience I've ever had with an app.


Ohhh I love to look at a dull, black screen infinitely for the low price of $0.99

What an awesome game!

This game is so fun and addicting! I find the lite version fun and expect the full version even better! This app is great for roleplay and just plain fun!