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ITS'a ME! Girl Version LITE

TS'a not a SHE! ITS'a not a HE!....ITS'a ME !!!
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Social Networking Free Kenny Yee iPhone, iPad, iPod

The much anticipated release is here!
Create fun filled avatars for use on your profiles and social network accounts! Browse through all the different assortments of facial features to create the ULTIMATE YOU !!

This is the all Girls version. If you're looking to make Boy avatars please look for "Its'a ME! Boy Version" in the itunes app store.

Updates will be made periodically to add more hair style and clothing as well as other features.


*This is the FREE LITE Version of the award winning app. Purchase the main version to enjoy the app with all features unlocked and all future updates.


Great anime style characters
The Organist

This is really good for the lite version. I wish both programs were combined into one.

Needs an update
Samms a lot

Doesn’t work for iOS 11 it won’t even let me open the app


Well, my parents only allow me to get free apps then ? I looked at this one. I tried it out and it only has 1 or 2 accessories each! Really? This is awful. Don't get this app.

Love it
Love it love love it

It's so good I have no words for it ok bye

Waste of time

You can't even save it without buying it. There's really not much to do.


This game is good but I have two or more just like it !!!!!!!!!!try harder next time !!!!!!!!dont give up I know you can do better!!!!

Fun free lite app!

This is great thanks for not putting ads on this free version! I bought the full version after trying this out first and was blown away by all the extras! And its only 99 cents? You guys rock!! n_n

It'sa wonderful

Great app! Keep up the good work! :)

Hi random asz person ;P

Boring! So deleting this app!

? Uhh?

Very boring, I wouldn't recommend unless you buy the full version, but even that I'm not sure to recommend