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iSelfie - wireless remote selfie camera

*** For all devices with iOS 7.1 or above, user should get the second generation of this app: iSelfie Two - remote selfie video cam, from It provides more features and better performance.
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***** Recommended from TUAW:
iSelfie is a very clever free app that lets you take pictures from one iOS device, remotely controlling it from another ...... iSelfie is a nice app that actually solves a problem.

***** Recommended from TrickyWays:
For iOS users iSelfie is a free app that makes easy for selfies to take photos by pairing two of iDevices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

***** Recommended from iAvengers:
iSelfie is a free app and really convenient for those who is recruiting a device to take pictures remotely via iPhone.

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iSelfie is a free app to wireless connect between two iOS devices. One act as camera host, another one act as remote controller. Using device-to-device WiFi connection, no 3G or WiFi router is required. Once connected, remote controller can preview and take pictures using the high resolution of back camera of the host. Adjustable timer is also provided for user convenience. This self portrait app is unique that can let user preview on remote side. No more re-take. No more missing person. Designed for selfie lovers!

- wireless connect two iOS devices, one act as camera host, the other one act as remote controller.
- support iOS 7 nearby WiFi, which is device to device direct connection. No 3G or WiFi router is required.
- also support Bluetooth connection for iOS 5 or 6 devices.
- both devices show the camera preview of the host.
- use high resolution back camera to take picture. Better quality and wider background. No more stretching arm!
- controller able to take multiple pictures when connected.
- adjustable timer on controller, for group of people to get ready.
- provide AE/AF and white balance control on the remote controller.
- remote control the torch mode of the back-LED of the host, if available.
- optional date time and watermark on photo.
- share photo within iSelfie, or share using the default camera roll feature.
- photo save to camera roll, which selfies can edit before share.

This app is universal to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Install iSelfie to 2 iOS devices. Turn on either WiFi or Bluetooth for the 2 devices. Choose one of them as camera host, the other one as remote controller. Wait for the popup connection dialog box, choose the device to connect and click "Accept" on the other device. That is. User should be able to see camera preview on both devices.

Minimum requirements:
- iOS 5 or above. Device-to-device (d2d) WiFi requires iOS 7. Recommend using d2d WiFi for faster and stable connection.
- iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4 or The New iPad or above hardware.
- No 3G or WiFi router is required. Devices are direct wireless connect to each other.

Privacy requirement:
- for iOS 8, this app requires to access "Photo" and "Camera" privacy.
- for iOS 6 or 7, this app requires to access "Photo" privacy.
- for iOS 5, this app requires to access "Location Services" privacy.

** Remarks / Tips:
- To get better performance, turn on either WiFi or Bluetooth, but not both, as they may interfere with each other.
- Video tutorial and trouble shooting are provided on official support website.
- Each device should have a name, otherwise, it will NOT able to connect.

iSelfie is already installed over 20000 times in 2014. Get it NOW for all your iOS devices! It is unique and cool, and is the most exciting app for taking pictures for yourself, your friends, and your family!


Needs Work

Tried it and deleted it. Used both WiFi and Bluetooth options. It was slow to respond under either option. And either type of connection would get lost after taking a photo. (Tested with iPhone 5s plus iPad mini retina both on iOS 7.0.4) Happy that I didn't spend a dollar to eliminate ads!

Great Idea, but it's not working.

I think this is a great idea and just what I need but I haven't been able to take a picture because the app either crashes or freezes when trying to take a picture. I used an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

Shows promise

Great way to remotely trigger multiple photos. One thing that would be nice is a tap to focus on the remote control device or an AE/AF lock.

A very good app

An app that makes selfies easy. Try it.

Excelente iniciativa pero...
Julter Landaeta

No funciona lamentablemente! Pero la idea está genial!!!

almost works

if fixed is nice app very 'buggy' loses connection and exit program on the camera host after 1 photo sometimes - sometimes after 4 or 5 photos. (iphone 4S host iPad air control IOS 7.1.1 on both) purchased remove ads - still same - had to completely close the app after purchase to get it to function at all

Couldn’t figure it out and kept crashing

I couldn’t get it to link via bluetooth, then when I got it to work via WiFi it froze up on one phone, crashed on the other and didn’t save the photos… blah

Ridiculous lag

The lag is ridiculous, maybe 30 seconds and I'm serious. It's unusable.

Great idea

But bad planning. This app could be crazy good. But unfortunately this particular download is a waste of time.

Miss May Tag

Boo. Don't even waste the time to download this

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