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Injustice: Gods Among Us is free iOS app published by Warner Bros. Entertainment



This game is the best i play it all the time


Y Alvarez18

It’s a really fun and amazing a game

Help me

because im batmN

So I was playing this game and I was gonna go online but then it told me I needed my password and I didn’t remember. So I made a new account and I made it and it reset all my GODAMN PROGRESS. IVE BEEN Playing for years.

No longer fun


They’ve made the online battles to where it’s not fun anymore. Putting a level 47 against nothing but level 99? Why do none of the profiles have an evenly matched team? The power moves don’t work if you knockout out an opponent, the 2nd phase is just wasted. I’ve played on & off for awhile but finally deleted the game. Waste of money.

On top


On top

Doesn’t disappoint


Amazing game, especially since it doesn’t crash like injustice 2, and it’s not pay to win, paying in this game is only just saving time for you, best game if you’re not pay-to-win



I Ben playing this since It came out and I love it I just wish they can more characters more often cause it’s Ben such a long time since the last update but I will continue playing this game for a long time.

To difficult


To difficult to make power credits not a lot of luck in packs



I think that u should make a gold Superman that cost a lot of real money or credits but a lot. Thanks for this incredible game.



Lowkey good game