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Injustice: Gods Among Us is free iOS app published by Warner Bros. Entertainment



Game alsome af

Good Game, New stuff?, Addicting


The game itself looks nice Mobile seems seems like the red headed step child compared to console. Cool combos and stuff (mostly later in game with super expensive characters) It’s cool how you can have a favorite and grow your superhero or villain to super powerful status Also, the best rewards require you to play console along side mobile. Progress is good to an extent but grinding is difficult and hard to accomplish anything quickly. Very fun; I find myself playing 7 rounds for an hour instead of what should be a 20 minutes break in my phone. (Understand your self and it’s okay if it is too tempting at all times for you) I enjoy the fact that with nice timing you perfect animation cancels and block attacking to get your attacks through but it would be nice to have a workshop where you can practice that or maybe get some tips to learn how to do it. Or in general a way to learn new strategies instead of living your entire life stuck on the strat: “Lots of Health, Strong Special Powers” Biggest problem in my opinion: Needs to revamp every once in awhile. I’m talking about survivor mode, I don’t think anyone likes it, it doesn’t become more difficult steadily. I find a round of super easy silver characters and then to earn another 2 shards and 1,500 gold I face hawkgirl and Godfall Superman status characters moderately leveled too so I can’t just special power them to death.



The best so far for an online PVP mode



This is such an addicting game

Why no knight fall?


Gimme knight fall bane


the vallet

Well it’s ok game but I really wanted to signup thingy idk but it won’t work for me



I lost all of my stuff when I was playing this not fair. I got hacked

Soooooooo cool


Its cool it's fun but it's hard to get gold card But fun!!raise downloads by 10 times

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It’s just a very fun and good mobile game. I love it.