Ice Math Ninja ZERO Reviews

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Ice Math Ninja ZERO is free iOS app published by Pers

Awesome game!


Works great on my iPod Touch :)


Going to fun

My younger four year old sister hates this game! It's really boring to her. I say: get more things to do!



Love this! Except for one thing. Y'all really need to fix this. So I will try to play Frostris or any of the games (manly Frostris) and instead of being able to play it, it blacks out & goes back to the home screen. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!! Frostris is my favorite and I'm kinda baffled that I can't play it.

Really cool math game!


It keeps me on my toes. I love the Frostris mini-game!

Cool(get it?)


This app is cool but it does need an update sooner or later. But anyway let's stick with the pros. I Like the idea of a ninja teddy bear with a fire sword slicing numbers and I like the Sub-Zero Mines. Don't listen to them one star reviews they just haters that don't know what they're doing. Great game, get now!