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••• WINNER of Dr. Toy's 10 BEST TECHNOLOGY of 2013 •••
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Reached #1 Educational App in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama , Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Transform your child into a MATH-NINJA with a numbers’ game they will be EAGER TO PLAY!

Ice Math Ninja: is the most FUN way for your kids to practice math. AWARD WINNING characters: “Pookie and Tushka” guide children of all ages through several arcade math challenges.


• 3 CHALLENGING GAMES, including:
• Unleash the power of the INFRA-CUBE!
• Get ACHIEVEMENTS to unleash cool POWER-UPS
• Power-Ups create MICRO-GAMES within the game
• LIGHTNING ROUND mode for faster gameplay
• 3 DIFFICULTY MODES. One mode for young kids
• Includes ANIMATED INTRO of the Icelands
• Pookie the penguin provides nurturing ADVICE
• Tushka the polar bear brings a dose of HUMOR
• Compare scores via GAME CENTER
• Share your score via FACEBOOK and TWITTER
• PARENTAL CONTROLS to turn off social features
• UNLOCK more Mini-Games via In App Purchases
• UNIVERSAL APP works on iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad Mini, iPad, iPod Touch, and more!


• Fun Value: Use your Swords of Fire to slice the MAGICAL frozen numbers, but avoid touching the exploding Zeros!
• Educational Value: Helps recognize numbers, ascending order, and understand that larger numbers are the sum of smaller numbers.

• Fun Value: Find the ZEN of Even and Odd numbers to be able to extract their mathematical energies!
• Educational Value: Helps recognize Even and Odd numbers.

• Fun Value: Think fast and become a MASTER of addition by slicing sums of numbers before they hit the ground!
• Educational Value: Improves Addition skills and Memory.


“We found the kids taking on Pookie and Tushka's identities as they interacted with the games and educational activities ... they did not want to stop playing!”

“ Loved it! I have searched forever for a good math app for my kids ages 5 & 11. The colors, visuals, effects & sounds are amazing.“ -

“... the diverse challenge modes, make playing this game a very unique experience ... and quite entertaining” -

- “I’m loving this game ... it is lots of fun.” PS: my favorite mini-game is Cool 21.” Picohero, TouchArcade User

“... a fun game that fits both action and education ...Lightning rounds are good ;-)” Secondtime, TouchArcade User

“I was afraid this would be an overly cutesy math game for children, [but] this is pretty cool! [There’s] something for everyone in this.” LordGek, TouchArcade User

“The game is awesome. To be honest math is my least favorite subject. But this game made it fun for me. My favorite is the Sub-Zero Mines, it is really entertaining and I can’t stop playing. ” Marienor, TouchArcade User


Pookie the penguin and Tushka the polar bear have traveled to an unknown area of the magical Icelands where Chuli, the wise wolf, is waiting.

Chuli explains to them that a magical phenomena is occurring: Ice blocks, shaped as numbers, are appearing everywhere! To preserve the energies of the Icelands, the mystical numbers must be collected.

Chuli then hands Tushka a pair of magical Swords of Fire and explains to him that, because of his great strength, Tushka has been chosen to wield the Swords and collect this unique magical mathematical energy.

Now, Tushka needs your help! Swipe your fingers to control Tushka's magical Swords of Fire and slice through glimmering frozen numbers to collect magical energy for the Icelands!


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