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i-nigma QR Code, Data Matrix and 1D barcode reader

i-nigma turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode reader. Thanks to exceptionally quick and robust scanning, it is regularly ranked as top performer in this category.
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Utilities Free 3GVision LTD. iPhone, iPad, iPod

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your device fails to display the camera preview when you launch i-nigma, go to Settings=>Privacy=>Camera, and make sure that i-nigma is set to *on*.

Features of the i-nigma reader:
◇ Scan QR, DataMatrix and UPC/EAN (a.k.a. "Supermarket") codes
◇ Additional codes available with our SDK (details below) include: PDF 417, Micro QR, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar/NW7, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), QRcode Models 1&2
◇ Scan colored and creative barcodes
◇ Scan reversed codes (bright patterns on dark background)
◇ All codes are scanned simultaneously - no need to preset barcode types
◇ The i-nigma Shopper compares prices of books, games, CDs and many more products at leading online retailer sites such as Amazon and eBay
◇ Scan QR and DataMatrix codes off printed material as a quick and easy way to access video, news, music, sweepstakes or any mobile content.
◇ Share scanned codes through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
◇ Share scanned codes through SMS
◇ Create QR codes on screen for scanning and sharing by other devices
◇ Scan vCards or MECARDs, and save to phone contacts
◇ Scan Geo barcodes and open them on Map
◇ Scan Calendar barcodes and save them to phone calendar
◇ Multi lingual support: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian and Thai.

Based on 3GVision's barcode decoding engine, which has become the de-facto standard for Japanese handsets, the i-nigma Barcode Reader SDK is licensed to many mobile developers. For more details go to http://www.3gvision.com/QR-Barcode-Reader-SDK.html.

We also offer mobile marketers the i-nigma Campaign Manager, an end-to-end solution for creating, managing and tracking mobile barcode activity. See http://www.i-nigma.com/CampaignManager.htm.


Very Good App

Frequently use this app. Best free app in such category.

Ugly, but FAST

This is probably the worst looking UI of any app I have installed. However, despite that, I’ve never encountered a faster reader. Code’s at an angle, blurry, and tiny, and it’ll read that thing in less than a second. It also does Data Matrices, which is awesome.


I hate this app


For math we had to do a walk around and this is the only QR code reader that wouldn’t take forever to read!

of poem of crap
the og mclover

roses are red violets are blue let me just say this app is a piece of poo

Works perfectly!
And nf

i-Nigma works perfectly! Scans the correct code and is very helpful! Definitely recommend!

Good app

When reading codes, it is flawless. It reads codes in less than a second, and immediately sends you to the site. The only flaw is that the interface is a bit outdated.

Not Impressed

I have yet to scan a code and have this app find any information on the internet. I even scanned the box my iPhone came in... nothing. I tried contacting support but they do not respond.

Dang! First app I found that's able to read Micro QR codes!

I literally only tried it with (because only needed for) micro QR codes. First app I tried, and it did the job with 0 fuss. The interface is clunky, yes, and ugly, sure. But I didn't need a pretty app, I needed an app that allowed me to read Micro QR codes...and I found it.

Micro QR code

I tried scanning a few micro QR codes but unable to do so with this app! Looks like this is just another qr code scanning app, without the support for scanning micro QR codes!