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Thousands of domain names expire every day.
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Utilities $4.99 Semih Sarac iPhone, iPad, iPod

For most people these Expired Domains don't have any value, because they don't know about the Google age factor or PageRank.
But for the people who know about stuff like SEO or Backlinks, Expired Domains are money just waiting to get picked up from the street.
The only problem is to separate the good ones from the not so good ones.
Some are just more valuable then others and that are the ones you want to get!
This application gets expired domains to in your pocket.

-Download expired domains to your iPhone-iPad daily.
-Search on your device offline.
(After download weekly data, no internet connection required!)
- Create your own filters
- Designed for your iPhone and iPad.


waste of $5

There isn't an "expired domain" feed in this app, nor were there any expired domains. There was a list of domains available for auction or purchase through GoDaddy, nothing more. Perhaps in the next release, the developer will learn the correct spelling of the word "tomorrow". In short, this app purchase was a complete waste.

Please fix the filters
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The "extension" filter is the only one that works. No matter what "length" filter I set, it shows me domains of all lengths. And no matter what words I set as "start" and "end" filters it still shows domains starting/ending with all sorts of random words (and yes, I do have the filter toggle switch turned on).

scam app

nothing works

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