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Hand Doctor - Healing Surgery Club (Family & Kids Game)

Help our patients that have injured their hands :)
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Can you treat these patients hands before its too late?!!

Become a doctor and show your experience!

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You can't even play the game because every two seconds a ad pops up! Then they only have one type of hand to heal. I do not recommend this app for anyone because it is a waste of time!

This game
Tj cool yo man

It's stupid


It just sucked

Worst Game in the history of games -_-

Every second, an ad pops up, then the game force closes, its a waste of time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME


I am only 10 & this game just stinks! :(

Awful game

Play this game if you enjoy getting pestered by ads. An ad pops up every time you touch it.. Plus the game is stupid.

Can't even play

Too many ads, you can't even play the game

It is the worst game

It horrible I can't get to play the game add pop up 24/7 it is horrible

To many adds
LeAnn Frenzel

There's so many add popups that you can't even play and when you do the game is for a lack of better words... Lame

I wish I could hate it more

Would you like to begin with asking to rate before you even see the title screen as an appetizer A literally impossible to function game as an entree And a decadent crash every 5 minutes for dessert Oh and would you like some ads with your ads? ......And a side of ads