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Download Sleep Talk Recorder – Snooze For Days and Nights (Baby Care)

Sleep Talk Recorder – Snooze For Days and Nights (Baby Care)

Does your spouse, parents or friends often say that you
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- Sleep talk
- Snore loudly
- Or are you just interested to hear what happens when you sleep?
Well you've come to the right place & today our app is absolutely FREE.

Record you sleeping in high definition sound by:
1. Press "Record"
2. Leave the device (on charge) in the same room.
3. Listen back to yourself & the interesting noises that happen whilst you're asleep.

Also great for recording friends/family!

Let us know what you hear in the review section :-)


Completely unusable

This app spams so many a that the actual app becomes unusable.... Worse than cripple ware. Waste of time to download and even larger waste of time trying to get it to work.


I love it


This is a very VERY dumb app

I hate this
Incredible Crew



Only records 11 seconds!


It's so dumb u can't even listen to them and it's so just ugh do not download this app I wish I didn't and didn't have to rate it

ZZ Ginger

I wish I didn't have to put 1star I wouldn't have put any thing it isn't necceray


This app is so hard to understand and it has way to many adds DO NOT GET THIS APP!!

What is it about?
Ginger and Abby

What is the game about? It won't let you listen to the recordings. WAY TO MANY ADDS. I don't want to say it's stupid... I would say it's... Not worth getting it, it's free but still NOT WORTH IT. Hope it works for you enjoy, if it works?? I with I didn't have to rate it.