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Guide and Training App for Flappy Bird Flyer Game

Guide and Training of Flappy Bird Game.
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Games Free HU YANRUI iPhone, iPad, iPod

Yes, all the guide and how to play for flappy bird and other similiar games.
We are going to teach the tips and key point to gain high scores.
And there are little training game to enhance your finger reaction.


#havent used it yet


Great app!

Just because of this app my flappy bird score is 56!

Great app

This app is a really good one because if it my high score is 95 but when you practice with the pelican the stability is hard I can't pass 1 it's too hard to get but it helps thanks. Bye ?

BOB :) :(;);(|=]=[•

I love it! So helpful! Because of this app my high score is 5239!!!!! Yay!!! <3


So I just got this app and it will not open, does it require a wifi connection in order to play? I'm thinking along the lines of not, fix this glitch plz!

For beginners
Rock'n'roll PRO

My high score on flappy bird is 95, then I got this game and thought it make me beat my high score but it told you tips like its better to play flappy bird on the iPad rather than iPhone because you can see the pipes coming your way on the iPad if you play with your right hand

I don't recommend this app
Flappy's bird 12345678910

This app did not help me get better at flappy bird. They were completely useless unless you already were good at flabby bird. All this managed to do was make me and the people who tried it on my phone dislike it.