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Download Dog Evolution - Tap Coins of the Crazy Mutant Poop Clicker Game

Dog Evolution - Tap Coins of the Crazy Mutant Poop Clicker Game

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Games Free HU YANRUI iPhone, iPad, iPod

Dog evolution!!!
One day, some scientific experiments made those dogs start to mutate.
Would you like to know what mutations happening to them?
Combine dogs to evolve them and discover their most strange, fantastic and visionary forms!
You never seen so many mutations and crazy features in other games!

• Put same type dogs together to mutate new creatures
• Dogs poop can become coins and your money incoming
• Use dogs coins to buy new animals and new tools update
• You can also tap the dogs to make more coins
• Decorate you lovely dogs in fitting room
• Lucky draw by flip the card
• More features can let the mutations more fun

• There are more than 30 dogs for you to discover
• This game is a similar game with alpaca evolution but more fun
• Different endings and possibility: find your own dog world to be special one than others
• Poop, get coins…. repeat and your will love it.

This is a simulator dog world, think you are one dog or the god of dogs.

Disclaimer: Although this Game is free to play, some content can be purchased for real money in game. If you do not want to use these features, please turn off in-app purchases in your device's settings.


I love this game
vat queen the first

Hi I’m a 10 year old and I think everyone should play this.its fun and easy to play and the dogs are super creative! It’s a great game.i say it’s a five star game for me.i bet even dog lovers would love this earned a five stars from me??

Best game ever ?

I love it there is honestly nothing g wrong

Mutant dog suggestion

You should make a stereo dog, that would be really cute. I love this game! It’s so much fun. You should make a technology evolution. That would be cool. -c.p.


T-Pup (dinosaur puppy mix)

I love this game!
The lord of ?

SO FUN!!! I LOVE this game so much and it is SO CUTE!! I also love dogs! So this is a perfect game for me! I also love coonhounds, and sheep dogs, and german shepherds!

Turn WiFi off
The All-Powerful KittyKat

Just turn WiFi off to avoid the ads. Then the game is pretty great

This game is epic

they should have a pencil dog though

New mutants
pig queen??‍♀️

Demon Dog!!! Add a demon dog!!!

New dog

Do A rainbow four headed Alien Sunflower dog


I think there needs to be a dog called a cat-dog and it should look like a cat-dog!And I think you’re game is amazing!

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