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Google Drive is free iOS app published by Google LLC

I love this app!


This app lets me add any photos I want to it. It helps a lot because I had so many photos that I didn't wanna delete but I needed more storage and it's helped out a lot!

Handy dandy storage


Subject says it all... Well, almost all. Aside from being an easily accessible (from multiple devices/OS's), collaborative, handy dandy data storage solution - I can also attest to the awesome feature providing the recoverability of deleted/old files (this learned shortly after a long-used, critical financial spreadsheet became corrupted... Google Drive to the rescue - PHEW!)

Amazing tool!


Great for school!!!!



Great for those that are on the go

Very Good


Very good app

El Choki

El Niño espía del otro mundo

Very helpful, it works and fulfills my office and business needs, is never left me down.



Hell yeah why not

Love it


I love Dive it helps keep me organized with family, friends and travel.

Excellent, as always


No problems found yet

Sync issues


I wanted to use Drive to make it easier to access my files from any device. Well, it never syncs correctly in El Capitan and if I use the website to access my files, I can't open them with MS Office. It's been a struggle with my current tech. configuration.