Google Drive Reviews – Page 102

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Google Drive is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Drive is amazing


I can’t imagine my workflow in my work or personal life without Google’s products. Thanks!!!

Works great!


Fantastic app. Love that you can skip audio by increments

Download too slow.

Smoked Ace

3 instead of 5 because it takes forever to download a video from your drive into your photo album.

1 Star for removing passcode lock to data


This would be 5 stars if they hadn’t removed the passcode lock, especially without an explanation. If it is simply to push people away from iOS I will no longer be using their products or suggesting others to use them, which I often do.

Google Drive


Absolutely love it! Have had no problems and makes it so easy to access documents at anytime from any of my devices. Google has yet to let me down in anything. I am grateful for all your hard work and dedication to keeping the Google name representative of integrity, customer satisfaction and commitment.

The Dynamite


The Best value for the money. BOOM. Has never failed me.

Amazing App


It’s better on a laptop, but on the go it’s great because I can use it virtually anywhere I have WiFi!

Google Drive


Very reliable and perfect for on the go. Outstanding app for viewing files or editing in just one app. Google developers truly put effort and time into these apps.



Muy buena

Couldn’t be any better!

MIke Radie

I love this program. I use this everyday on the road and it’s fantastic. This allows me to work from my phone when I need a file. Or share with someone, is so easy!!!