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Get started with Google Drive for free and have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. All your files in Drive – like your videos, photos, and documents – are backed up safely so you can’t lose them. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.
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With Drive, you can:

• View documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more
• Search for files by name and content
• Easily share files and folders with others
• Set sharing permissions to view, comment, or edit
• Quickly access recent files
• See file details and activity
• Enable viewing of files offline


Thank You

Although I think google should stay out of public elections, they offer so many valuable (free) services and for that we should all be thankful!

It isn’t good
the slaps

But it’s fine

Cannot open zip files ???

How to open zip files in the drive from iPhone ?

Lacking a lot of features for iPad


Hands-down awesome!

This is one of the must-have tools out there for almost everyone, in my opinion! The ability to quickly upload/download/save documents and photos, as well as view offline (among countless other capabilities) is a near-essential for many, and is most certainly helpful for almost anyone! I’ve used Drive across several devices between Android and iOS platforms for just shy of a decade it seems. While there are bugs at times, the current setup seems to run flawlessly!

App excellence

Best app ever !

App Ratingz

I absolutely love google drive. My school always uses google drive, we used to use Microsoft Word but when my school found out about google drive we never used Microsoft word again. I love google drive because u can work on it wherever you are, plus many people can work at the same time!! I recommend you get google drive, the best part is it’s free. Thank you:)

Latest update true?
Billion $$$ Man

If true, I’m given this app a 5 without having tested/attempted


I have daily limited use of Google drive, but it does what I need without too much fuss and only an occasional quirk.


I lost all my data in the past due to google erasing it

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