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Download Glitchamaphone - Music-making app from the creators of Glitch!

Glitchamaphone - Music-making app from the creators of Glitch!

Glitchamaphone is a music-making app for iPad built with love by the creators of Glitch in co-operation with the music game geniuses at gl33k.
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Music $1.99 Slack Technologies, Inc. iPad

Create and edit your own compositions with up to five animated characters playing a variety of fun instruments. Hand-drawn animations, natural materials in the background and environmental effects which change in response to your unique musical style. Comes with three settings and environments, each with their own unique sound.

Special introductory price and holiday sale: $1.99! — Normal price $2.99



Adorable, fun, well made, intuitive, so many easy to use options, and cute!

Musical fun for the whole family!

This is a great beat composition app. The sample sets are unique and sound great. It has an intuitive user interface and a very cute aesthetic. I am 33 years old and very much enjoy using this app, however, I think it would really shine to introduce kids to music composition concepts. This is probably the best kid friendly music app in the App Store that isn't just a musical toy.

Darling Violetta

Aw this is pure glitch..tons of fun!! You must try it!! Thank you Tiny Speck <3

Fun and intuitive for all ages
EmiB Glitch

I knew this was the perfect appealing app when my boyfriend came over to see what cool app I was playing with, then proceeded to play with it for the next hour. I love the creativity and intuitive controls that make this app easy and fun for all ages. For me, a player of the original Glitch, it is a treat to hear familiar tunes. Great job Tiny Speck! I hope to see more like this!

What a delightful music maker!
Angry in Chicago

It's a quirky little music app with a sense of whimsy.


Perfect app for fun and glitch nostalgia :)

This app is absolutely preposterous!

I agree wholeheartedly! Yet, I kind of like it. Take a little bit of Ur with you - get this app.

I really wanted to kinda like it

Turns out, this doesn't work on the first gen iPad which I didn't notice until after I'd already bought it. BOO HOO! This app is definitely worth its weight in bacon.

Fun but glitchy audio

This is awesome, in depth sequencer ,nice sounds this could be a serious app if they update it with audio copy/paste or soundcloud midi, email export. I've used "professional" music apps that don't have half the options as this. Audio is buggy on iPad mini and is very intense on cpu cuz the little chicken guy has to hit every snare And all the goofy stuff in the background. it's a blast tho. Update with audio copy and more sounds! Don't miss this one

I think I know why it's called "Glitchmaphone".

I don't get why you cant just make up a beat to your song! Why cant you record your voice? This is very slow. I am warning you. Fix this or I will delete this app!!, I am serious!!!!!😥👎!