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Does your search for an appropriate free gaming app end up with finding something that you are not at all interested in? Ever dreamt of getting an app that’s free and that can in turn help you find free gaming apps? Fortunately your search ends here with the new Appstore application called – Games 4 Free. Farewell to all those ineffective methods of finding out a proper free app.

What is Games 4 Free?
Games 4 free, is a totally new style of finding out all the apps that are free. The application opens up with a list of completely free apps. The main screen contains 5 different tabs namely: Featured, Top Free, Recommended, Wish list and Search. The list also contains the games that were initially paid, but are now free. Against each app, there lies a “free download “option that can be utilized to download the app.

The Featured Tabs
Featured: Pops up a list of basic games that a gamer can start with.
Top Free: This tab introduces a list of top free apps.
Recommended: Gives you a list of all the favorite and most desirable games in the list.
Wish list: Lets you tap on a particular game and save it to the wish list .This can later be used to download your game. Lets you instant access without having to search for the game again.
Search: Helps you to search about a particular game.

Games For Free puts a halt to all your hurdles of searching for a free game application and downloading it. Games For Free is an app that’s exclusively made to explore the various games that are absolutely free without having to spend a single penny on them.
The best thing about this app is that it facilitates the entry of just free games on Appstore and strictly restricts the paid ones. During a period of time, if any free game gets into the category of becoming a paid one, Games For Free, immediately eliminates that app from the list thus making things more clear to the end user.


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