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[Updated post on 10/13/16]
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Freak Tower will be terminating its service as of 1/29/2017. Please see below for more information.

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A whole new breed of simulation game has arrived, and it’s all kinds of FREAKY!
Using a unique blend of defense and business simulation, players can strive to build the baddest tower in Freak Town!
So, what the freak is this game about?
You are the proud owner of a shiny new tower, and it’s up to you to manage your tenants (lovingly referred to as “freaks”) and their businesses, ranging from “respectable” night clubs and high-rise car dealerships to psychic training schools and indoor golf courses.
Hunt both familiar and obscure monsters reimagined in a freaky fun style! As your tower begins to scrape the sky, bold and bothersome monsters will attempt to destroy it. If you can knock them off your building, you can level up your businesses and collect unique goods. Don’t worry; you won’t have to battle alone. Your freaks will defend their homes and business by tossing everything they can at the monsters (including their shoes and toilet paper). Better keep them in a good mood so they can fight for you!
Raise your own twisted little pet and it will help your freaks in their business endeavors. The downside, of course, is that you have to clean up its lovely little surprises…
Invite over 240 unique freaks to live in your uncommonly stylish apartments. The more freaks you have, the more help you have pummeling those pesky monsters who come to visit. Also keep in mind more freaks means more cash once you put your tower-dwellers to work!
Keep your freaks in check! If you turn your back for a moment, they may break out into duels, get stuck in the ceiling, or begin some decidedly unsafe ninja training.
Don’t like the way your freaks look? Unlike real life, you don’t have to put up with any of their hideous faces (unless you are into that sort of thing). With custom faces, accessories, and outfits, there are tons of combinations to try.
Build some businesses and force those lazy slobs to work. If you assign them to their favorite spots, they will try a (little) harder at their jobs. If they still aren’t motivated enough, the healthy nutritional supplement known as “doping” will definitely put some pep in their step.
Stock the freakiest goods to make the most cash. With over 300 goods like beef stroganoff, telekinesis lessons, and jet boots to stock, your shops will not go wanting for variety.
Build enough floors and you will soon have a freaky little pet to call your own.
If you can manage to raise it with some tender loving care, it will repay the favor and take care of your tower. You can even have your pet go on a rampage at your rivals’ towers! Raise hell and snag some tasty snacks to make your lil’ buddy even stronger.
Watch out though--if you don’t clean up its charming messes, it won’t be too happy with you…
Monsters will sometimes come to visit, or you can go a-huntin’.
Your freaks will throw junk at the beasts, and you can aid them by tossing some serious punishment off the roof. Make sure your freaks are in the best mood possible and they will be motivated to throw even more junk at your enemies. Each monster has its own unique weakness, so plan ahead for maximum pwnage!
Defeat the monsters to unlock even more freaky goods and upgrade your businesses.
By downloading this application, you agree to the Terms of use.


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