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Followers for Instagram Spy is free iOS app published by Fraoula d.o.o.

Really inaccurate

The most lit person

Super inaccurate, I only had 773 followers and i was following 830 and it said 250 weren’t following me back??


Eartha Wesley

LIKES: Its really good for likes, it gives me even more than I ask for FOLLOWERS: It gives you real followers. Highly to recommend if you want more likes. Awesome app it works amazing!!!! It increases your instagram followers. Don’t believe me then try it yourself.

I got a few likes

Rodney Howard

10 followers for 5 stars worthy in my opinion

Good app

wWillie Emily

I think it is a good app because you skip what you don’t like and so if you like a picture you get to choose what you like


Word game thing

Super great app!

Very great


This app is very helpful



It’s very easy to use

Good app!


It does everything it says it does! Awesome

This app is a joke


One can only assume that the good reviews here were paid for. Do not waste your money on this slow-loading inaccurate crap. There is absolutely nothing noteworthy about the interface and non of the analytics are accurate. I want my $5 back.



this is amazing..