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It's the typical situation for a Melbourne commuter: it's late, you're tired and (obviously) your train has been delayed. Oh, and ninjas have decided to kill you.
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Perfect for those moments when you have a few minutes to ‘kill’, Millipede’s Flinders Ninjas is simple to play, but requires skill and accuracy to get serious scores. Your personal best scores are stored on your device, and synched seamlessly with the world when you have an internet connection.

Do you have what it takes to get a place on the Flinders Ninjas Global Scoreboard? We seriously think so.

Set in Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station, Flinders Ninjas features beautifully detailed visuals, hilarious sound FX, an original soundtrack and a realistic simulation of Melbourne’s public transport system.

But wait, there’s more! Millipede’s Flinders Ninjas features a whole other way to play. Simply logon to flindersninjas.com on both your desktop computer and Safari on your iPhone/iPod touch. You will then be able to flick magical wireless ninja stars at your enemies from your palm to your monitor!

Just look at these reviews:

Millipede gave Millipede’s Flinders Ninjas a staggering 645 thumbs up.

Millipede’s Flinders Ninjas was also voted the ‘No. 1 app of all time’ and ‘BEST APP EVA’ in the Millipede studio.

Some guy gave Millipede’s Flinders Ninjas so many stars we got tired of counting them, resulting in the advent of a new rating system involving kittens.

Someone else gave Millipede’s Flinders Ninjas 8 kittens.

For an unlimited time, Millipede is offering Flinders Ninjas at the heavily discounted rate of minus everything, so it’s free.

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fun :)
Fiesta man :D

A decent game that is good to pass the time. Maybe add a few more game modes like "be the ninja" or something. Great game tho otherwise. My high score is 184...just saying :P


It's ok I guess

Impressive Graphics.

With a little more work on gameplay, this game could be very good. I mean ... come on... its free

Ooohhhh ninja!!
Darth Shinzu

This is a cool game. Reminds me of the old school shinobi where you throw ninja stars in the bonus round. Very cool!!