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FISHI - Fisheye Camera

A fascinating world through the eyes of four fishes.
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Photo & Video $0.99 ThirtyFive Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Try out different fisheye lenses with your photos and videos.
It looks a little distorted, but your outcomes will be different from the usual.
Adjust the curves of the fisheye through the bubble eye function.
The bulging fisheye leads you to a wider world.

Choose your background music in the video mode and create a fantastic clip.
If you hold the eye button, it will be recorded. If you release it, it will pause.
Connect your favorite cuts to create your own music videos.

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Have to hold the button the whole time to record video

I bought this app thinking I could record myself doing skate tricks, but someone else would have hold my phone and press the button down the whole time. Kind of pointless for me.


It won’t let you use it unless you grant mic access even to take a picture. Deleted. I’m glad I got it for free.

Pretty good, one major flaw though
One too many times burned

I really love the camera. My only complaint is that they force bad music into whatever video you record with the app

Photos require microphone access

I refused access to mic but it now cannot take a photo. How stupid is that. It seems useless to me.

Mic access?

Why the hell you need my mic access if I only want to take photos? Make the mic access optional, not mandatory!

terrible app

is an app for photographs and asks for access to the microphone of the phone, if you deny permission to the microphone it does not allow you to take photos. an app garbage.

Uh, no...

The app looked intriguing, I have to admit - but *requiring* mic access - without justification, to make photos? That's a nonstarter, and the app is now deleted. Good operational concept, though.


Thank you.I will recommend this to all. Also love how u can put background music with the videos.

Chromatic aberration

Fish eye effect is not bad but the chromatic aberration and fringing are pretty bad.

Mic access?

Why do I need mic access to use a camera? No thanks.

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