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This app lets you to access and manage your iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) by using a computer.
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- Simply connect your iPhone/iPad to the same network of your computer.

- Open a web browser and type the address shown in the app. This opens an file manager for iOS in the browser.

By using this browser, you can:

1) Send/Upload any files to your iPhone/iPad

2) Receive/Download files from your iPhone/iPad

3) Access the Camera Roll content

4) Send/Upload Pictures and Videos to Camera Roll

5) Receive/Download Pictures and Videos from Camera Roll

6) Backup all of your Camera Roll to your Computer by clicking "Select All" and Download

7) Select Files/Photos/Videos individually or "ALL" of them with single click

8) Create folders

9) Delete folders/files

Within the app, you can preview the existing files and send them to other apps.

NOTE: To use this App you do NOT need an internet connection. All of the data transfer occurs in your "local" network, therefore it is very safe.

Usage Example 1 : You have an interesting book on your computer's desktop. Simply upload the file to the app using the file manager in any browser, preview the book in the app or forward the the book to other app like iBook.

Usage Example 2 : You want to back up all your Videos exist in your Camera Roll. Simply click "Select all Videos" in the file manager in any browser and click download. All of your videos will be zipped and be ready for you to download to your computer.

Usage Example 3 : Assume that, you have not enough space in your cloud backup server for photos/videos and you need to send the device to repair or you will replace your phone with a newer version. Using file manager in any browser, simply download all content to your computer.
Later install our app to new device and using the file manager simply put them back to camera roll using upload feature.

!!!!!!! Please Support us to improve File Manager Pro.
We believe that File Manager Pro will be very useful for you and we are eager to improve it.
Therefore we are open and pleased to any suggestions and critics.
Please e-mail your ideas to us and we will implement them in coming releases.
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