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Do you love your little ferret fuzz butt!? Do you have ferrets as pets? Love baby ferrets? Are you sick of having to use a cat and a snake emoji to represent your little carpet shark!? Well you have literally petitioned(change.org) and we have answered your call. Fire up your war dance ferret lovers!
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Entertainment $1.99 Ryan Wilkins iPhone, iPad, iPod

Introducing FerretEmoji, the Ferret Emoji keyboard for iPhone,iPad and iMessage! Featuring over 100 ferret emojis for you to use with all your friends to represent your little Dook happy war dancing speed bumps!

If you like our app don't forget to give us a 5 star review! The better our reviews the more ferrets we can save together!

Our artists are hard at work, we will have a DookLife package, baby ferrets, sable ferrets,white ferret,albino ferret, black footed ferrets, ferret with toys, ferret in tunnel, ferrets playing and yes that includes ANIMATED FERRET EMOJIS!


We have learned more about ferrets in the past 2 months than we ever thought we would know and with the help of the ferret community, we are bringing everything that makes your fuzzbutts unique right to your phone!

Due to the overwhelming support from the ferret community, we want to give back! That is why a percentage of every dollar we receive from this app will be donated to ferret charities and ferret rescues!

We love you ferret lovers and hope you will love our app! If you have any issues, rather than leaving us a crappy review, give us a chance to fix the problem or make the change first! Email us at support[at]slapdatapps.com or message us on facebook http://facebook.com/ferretemoji . We love this app as much as you love your little cat snake so please give us a chance to train it right before you bop it on the nose! We will make the change, we promise!

Apple requires all keyboard apps including FerretEmoji to request Full Access in order to function. WE CANNOT SEE ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION! If you have any concerns, please see http://www.slapdatapps.com/privacy-policy, message us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ferretemoji or email us at [email protected].


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