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Crypto Warz - A Bitcoin Game

You have 30 days to make as much money as possible daytrading bitcoin! Can you avoid the hackers and GET RICH!? Most money = Highest Score! Now featuring Bitcoin, BCash, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, IOTA, Monero, NEO, ZCash, and Verge!
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You navigate between the various crypto exchanges CoinSpace, Bit Co., Basilisk, Alt Land, Microniex and BitNance trading all the top cryptocurrencies with your in game virtual money. The point of the game is to make the most amount of money in the given number of days! 30 Days is the Default.

You begin with $2000 and $5000 in Credit Card Debt. You must quickly pay back the credit card because the debt grows by 10% each day! In each exchange, you check the prices, buy and sell coins and then move to another exchange.

During the game, Hackers will randomly attack you. You have 2 choices: To Change IP or to Attack back. Both choices involve risk to your firewall and after a few hits your firewall will break and you lose your coins and half your cash that isn't stored in the hardware wallet! Make sure you store cash in the hardware wallet to keep it safe! While your cash is in your hardware wallet it cannot be used to buy and sell.

You can attack the hackers back but you need the Cerberus Defense to break their hash attack! If you can beat the hacker, you'll get their cash! Random other FUD(Fear Uncertainty & Doubt) and news will happen in game to make big changes to the price. Random events like airdrops (Free COINS) and random exchange hacks will occur to keep things exciting.

After the allotted number of days is up, the game ends. The final score is calculated by adding your current amount of cash and the bank and subtracting double your debt! If you finish with $1,000,000 cash, $1,000,000 bank, and $300,000 debt, you will have a final score of $1,400,000. Still enough to drive that Lambo to the moon!

Will you buy low and HODL(Hang On For Dear Life) or will you make record profits everyday? Only one way to find out!

Happy Trading!

Premium Mode: Unlimted number of days and No Ads!

More updates coming soon. This is just the first version! Due to High Demand: Next Update will include Verge!

If you are looking for an app for bitcoin prices or to buy bitcoin on real exchanges like CoinBase, Binance, Kracken, HitBTC or Poloniex then sadly this is not it. You cannot earn bitcoin, do any bitcoin mining, nor use this app as a bitcoin wallet. This is a game! ENJOY!


In Game cryptocurrencies may be referred to with the following abbreviations: BTC,BCH,ADA,ETH,LTC,XRP,DASH,IOTA,XMR,NEO,ZCH,XVG


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