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Fat Fingers: for eBay Bargains

Thousands of items are listed on eBay with spelling mistakes.
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Lifestyle Free Starburst Software Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

These don't turn up in the regular search, so often end with no bids.

Hunt out these items to make big savings.


- Works with eBay US, UK, Canada and Australia.

- Almost every item can be found misspelled

- Bid on items that are found


* Turn pictures off if you are on a slow internet connection.

* Use the "Ignore extra spaces" option when looking for words that are often spelled with an extra space, e.g. "PlayStation" is often spelled as "Play Station"


Please let me know about any bugs or suggestions for the next version at [email protected]


No longer works...

Will not work with updated IOS...

Complete garbage
iDan iKnight

Maybe there was a time when this app worked well. Fact is, the opportunities afforded by misspelled listings as it is are very few. This app does far worse a job than attempting these searches manually. Waste of time, and this goes without saying: don't buy "Pro" as that is a waste of money as well.

Paid 1.99 for the Pro version, but it didn't work
Emcow Minka

Sure, there are no ads with the pro version, but there aren't any pictures either, even with the picture tab switched on. I used to use this app to search for shoes, but what's the point if you have to click on every listing to see each shoe? If you like seeing a picture with a listing, skip this app. I find it to (currently) be completely useless.

Can you update please?

I paid for this app and ever since the iOS update, the app now is not opening saying it needs to be updated to iOS 11. Come on, developer! Update to 11! Don’t be lazy!

Terrible app

Better off typing it wrong on the real eBay

Not great

Good concept. Bad app.

Love the original site, but...

The program is awful. Slow, freezes, closes. May as well just go on the computer.

Best ever

I spell horible am I love pnesss


Good idea. Bad tips. Crashes constantly!

Great app!

Keep up the good work! I use a website for this exact same purpose but on Safari on the iPhone the website just won't work. I do wish the loading icon was not so huge and fuzzy, other than that some general GUI clean will make it better, none the less 5 stars!

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