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3/5 rating based on 22 reviews. Read all reviews for Fat Fingers: for eBay Bargains for iPhone.
Fat Fingers: for eBay Bargains is free iOS app published by Starburst Software Ltd

Aboot tmie


I've wanted an app like this for a long time. THANX! (btw, the is on purpose, yes.)

Not blown away


Haven't really found the supposed misspellings, but lots of affiliate links which make money for the author.

No shipping cost


Not going to bid if I don't know the shipping cost.

Great Concept, but...


the execution of the concept into this app isn't so great. The app crashes and freezes all the time.






Downloaded on iPad 3. App opens but searching doesn't return any results.

Keeps asking me to buy Pro


But I already bought it- as it tells me, but then I say okay to take me there and it crashes.



Saves me a lot of money on Ebay

Saves money and entertains too!


Thanks to Fat Fingers I was able to buy a used Fibit Flex AND an alternate Ffitbit smaill wristband for half the price of a used Fitbit Flex!

Fun & Funny!


I agree with an earlier review. It's really interesting to see how listings are spelled. Say for example you are searching for Coco Chanel Mademoiselle & would like a deal, even though it's written right there on the box/bottle & most devices have spell check these days, you're bound to find a great deal on the bottle nobody else can find; simply because the title of the listing says : Channel, madamoselle, or something. It's awesome! I've used this app for a long time & it's great! The developers are brilliant and could have kept this to themselves, but didn't! ---Thank you guys for my bargains & the entertainment value!