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F-16 Combat Interceptor

Take on a massive enemy invasion all by yourself using only your trusty old fighter plane.
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Games Free Petri Ruotsalainen iPhone, iPad, iPod

Arcade style side scrolling shoot them up war game with nicely drawn comic-book style graphics and a rocking original soundtrack.
Easy controls via onscreen d-pad and fire buttons.
Frantic gameplay.
Objective of the game is to stop the missiles and bombers en-route to your home town and to bomb the missile bases of the enemy. If you fail they will nuke your city.
Can you survive the seven levels on constant battle?
Be warned, this game is not a walk in a park. It's tough!
Check the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=LLv2yLNWMXw

Note from the developer:
This is the first game I ever made for iPhone back in 2011. It's updated to support four inch screens and iOs 7.
It still is a very playable (but ugly) little game, so I leave it here for free.


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