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Blink Blonk Blobs

A small stylish pachinko like puzzle game with a musical twist. Easy and addictive gameplay offering endless fun.
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Games Free Petri Ruotsalainen iPhone, iPad, iPod

Just tap the screen to drop the ball shaped blobs into the game field and watch them bounce around hoping to hit as many score targets as possible. Make them jump even higher by shaking your accelerometer equipped iOs device. But watch out for seagulls. They're hungry and like to eat the blobs.

Game features:
+ 16 fun filled stages
+ Three game modes (You play with either 12, 24 or 48 blobs)
+ Game Center leaderboards
+ Crisp and colorful graphics
+ Original smooth laid-back electronica soundtrack
+ Did I already mention it's addictive and fun?

To see the game in motion, check the promo @

Game instructions:
You tap the blue button area located at the top of the game screen to drop your blobs one at a time.
They fall from the exact position you touch.
There are several score targets on game stages to hit.
At the lower part of the screen there are openings that are indicated by green EXIT-signs.
All the blobs that exit the screen through those openings are saved for the next round.
If a blob goes out of the game screen from somewhere else than through a designated exit passage, that blob is lost and you can't use it on the next round.
This game also involves birds. Not angry type, but hungry and annoying seagulls. The gulls randomly fly around the game boards and eat all the blobs that get in their way.
So be careful when you hear the scream of an approaching gull. You may want to launch that blob after the gull has passed.
The score targets are different kinds of musical instruments, that also sound a note every time they're hit.
When you have used up all your blobs and they have all passed through the game board making lots of points, the game takes you to the next level and next game board.

Have a blast!


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