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Download Explosion Cookie Star Free 2016: match 3 edition classic

Explosion Cookie Star Free 2016: match 3 edition classic

Download and Play Explosion Cookie Star game to explore a great cookies world!
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Explosion Cookie Star will give you a lot of new experiences which are based on the familiar play style of the match 3, puzzle series. New Cookies and very atractive challenges in a very new style are expected to give you great entertaining time.

Explosion Cookie Star game features:
● Challenge map with 200 levels in evil land.
● Fascinating Combo, Booster system giving highly balanced in gameplay.
● Simple and easy manipulations but challenging to master ( get 3 stars for each level).

Game modes:
● Arcade: You have to rescue our hero - Gingy who are stuck with a mess of colorful cookies with a limited number of moves.
● Puzzle: Collect enough cookies to complete a single level. Sometimes, ice cells will appear and you have to destroy them.

Special cookies and rules for them:
● A cookie smash will be formed when you match 4 cookies together. It will clear a column or a row which contains itself.
● A magical cookie will be formed when you match 5 cookies together. It will crush all cookies that are similar types with the choosen cookie.
● A cookie Boom will be formed when you match 5 cookies in T or L shape. It destroys a square 3x3 of cookies surrounding it.
● Cookie bears will randomly appear, help you to drop all cookies in a row or a column
● Cookie x2 doubles your score, therefore you have a chance to get more rewards.

How to play Explosion Cookie Star:
● Move and match 3 or more Cookie Mania to make a straight line.
● Use assistance from special cookies:
● cookie spoon: destroy a random cell
● cookie popcorn: destroy 12 random cells
● cookie witch: destroy a column and a row.
● In each level you have to use a limited number of moves to complete in a limited time. The more you complete the level quickly, the more you get valueable rewards.

Hope that you will be relaxed and get a great time with Explosion Cookie Star - a fantastic mobile game.



Very good game


Love this gameeeee

Kinda like cookie mania
Boo 03 07

Fun and at a nice pace. I said that before on another app and after 2-3 more turns u either pay for the coins or whatever they use

All ads all the time

Pop up ads after every level completed. Ads at bottom of page! Awful! 0 stars