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EVO VR Infinity Space War

Shoot enemy ships, dodge asteroids, and fly through space tunnels in this immersive 3D, 360 degree space shooter built from the ground up for virtual reality. Made to work with all mobile VR headsets, just slide in your smartphone and start shooting! Bluetooth gamepad support gives you the best experience allowing you to control the ship with the gamepad and pan the area with your head movements.
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Games Free Merkury Innovations LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Immersive VR gameplay
- Never ending levels with increasingly difficult enemies
- Detailed 3D graphics
- Bluetooth gamepad support for iCade (iOS)
- EVO VR headset and gamepad recommended
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Don’t work

This app don’t work when you open it it’s just froze the game is froze you can’t even play the game this app is trash fix your game


The game doesn’t run unless it’s iPhone 7 or more

False advertising?
jim murry1

I don’t understand. I bought an evo vr starter kit that came with a controller that is advertised as compatible with this game specifically. The “game” function of the remote does not work. I can change the game pad to other settings which only control the volume. The graphics are really nice and it seems like a well made game it’s just too bad the controller doesn’t work. :(. Why even include the controller if it’s essentially useless? Ive yet to find any game fully compatible with it. It’s really a shame because the goggles are very well made. I cannot recommend the evo vr products or this game sadly until the controls are manufactured to be actual controls.

Fun game for what it is

I honestly enjoy the game quite a bit. The graphics are nicely done, and once you can get the Controller working with the game it’s great. That said, I wish their was a little more variety in the game in terms of enemies, scenery, etc.


I don’t like these types of games

Great App
Celso Moreno Valdez

Works great and is very fun. The graphics are good and is a great game

Bad controller

I bought a controller and tried the game and it doesn’t work and the controller can’t do anything

gen wrote this note thanks...


It’s awesome

I could play this game all day

It’s not good for my phone

I have a iPhone 8 I have heard it works good for iPhone 7 so If you have one give it a try I’d you have a iPhone 7 don’t ever download