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Drones Controller for Jumping Sumo!

Control your Jumping Sumo using your smartphone, MFI gamepad or a 2nd smartphone / tablet functioning as a gamepad !! , Low latency FPV VR with head tracking!, enhanced video stream with image adjustments, instant image capture for instant sharing, and more...
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Entertainment $2.99 Shai Kurianski iPhone, iPad, iPod

- FPV 3D: More realistic, different rendering angle for each eye (same video frame). 3D flight indicators.

- FPV VR with head tracking! move your head to see different parts of the camera's wide image (when using Gamepad / 2nd device).

- Drive your sumo with MFI gamepad, a 2nd smartphone / tablet running the FREE Drones-Controller Remote, or with your head in a single device mode on FPV.

- Adjustable eye-frames distance and frames size for making the FPV display perfect for you and for supporting many VR glasses (that uses the smartphone's screen) on all iPhones 5 and later devices.

* Enhanced video quality by using Drones-Controller image adjustment feature.

* Low latency. Drones-Controller uses both CPU & GPU for fast video decoding and rendering.

* Magic Sticks, Easy control: The sticks follows your fingers making sure that each movement is detected.

* Local copy of photo capture. Drones Controller saves a local (low res) copy of the captured image locally for instant sharing.

and more...

** Please note:
Drones-Controller display some indicators, such as GPS, altitude, etc. which shows their default values since they are not supported by the Sumo.

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