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Fly your Bebop drone (1 & 2) with Drones-Controller. Experience real-time enhanced video streaming, Head Up Display (HUD), FPV VR with Head tracking, and much more. Control your drone with onscreen Gamepad, MFI Gamepad , SkyController, or … use TWO smartphones: one as VR display and the 2nd as a gamepad (!!). Control the drone’s camera using a 3rd stick (onscreen gamepad) ,head tracking (FPV) and more.
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Entertainment $4.99 Shai Kurianski iPhone, iPad, iPod

PowerUp FPV drone is also supported, however some features are not supported by the PowerUp FPV drone.

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--- Main Features

* Head Up Display (HUD) for speed, altitude, roll & pitch

* Camera control stick ! (onscreen gamepad)

* Navigational compass that displays the home point location relative to your drone.

* Magic sticks: the onscreen sticks follow your fingers!

* MFI gamepad support (optional)

* SkyController support (optional)

* a 2nd smartphone running the FREE DRONES-CONTROLLER REMOTE APP as a gamepad (so your primary smartphone can be used for FPV in case you don't have a MFI gamepad or skycontroller !. optional.)

* FPV VR Cam mode: , 3-axis Head tracking that controls the camera.

* FPV VR Virtual Cam mode: , 3-axis head tracking with camera movement simulation.

* FPV VR Normal mode: No head tracking.

* 3D VR: Two different angles of the scene. NOTE: the video is projected as 2D surface rendered from two different angles for more realistic view. The flight information is projected ‘closer’ to the viewer (3D).

* FPV VR: Adjustable frame (lens) distance and field of view!

* Map display.

* Media Control: Manage your drone’s media files: Download files from your drone directly to your photo gallery. delete files.

-- Other features:
* Return Home
* Video recording
* Image capture
* Battery power indicator.
* WIFI signal strength indicator
* Speed indicator
* Altitude indicator
* Distance indicator
* GPS satellites count indicator
Yaw,Pitch & Roll sensitivity settings

Please contact us if you encounter any problem or if you have any question regarding this app.
Email us to: [email protected]


Some Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

This app was tested on Bebop 2 and PowerUp FPV. Testing in, especially in FPV mode, was so much fun that we couldn't stop testing it ;)

nevertheless, since no app is perfect:

By using this app you approve that the app's owner & publisher are not responsible in any way for any damage caused by using this app (if any).

Have awesome, safe, flights!


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