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Draw and Guess Free is a perfect little game for friends and family to play together. It will bring you a lot fun even if you are on the go.
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The game title says it all. In this game, one player will draw according to a randomly picked word and the other player will guess what he/she is drawing.

While drawing and guessing, you and your friends will have a lot of fun as you check out each other's drawing skills.

Draw and Guess Free is supported by banner advertising. You can also get the ad-free version - Draw and Guess. Enjoy the fun now!



Great app made me laugh for every picture me and my friend did


what's the point of this?

Not Fun

Not fun! There are weird things they tell you to draw

It's just fine!

I got it, and me and my friend were laughing. If you want this app, you probably should be a good artist for best results. I think this app is awesome, and under-rated. ehh (v1.0) the point of this app is to use your art skills in a fun way. They tell you "weird things to draw" to make the game more challenging, and if the game was way easy no body would want it.

LT Joel

His is the coolest app ever. It does everything I want it to. Plus, it's hilarious with me and my friends!!!


Makes me and my friends laugh everytine


I am the only one drawing and no one else is guessing the word on the only one playing don't download this is a horrible app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


worst app ever

Hate this
Skylanders DS gamer

Take this app away


I'm on a phone. My friend has an iPad and iPod and can play games with other people! How come I can't???!!! Soooo unfair!!!

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