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"Best Game for Cats" is designed to provide entertainment for your cat and make our cat happy! This is one of the first games for cats that can be played on both the iPad and the iPhone. Although we recommend you to play it on the iPad because we think cats like iPad better, you can definitely try it on your iPhone too.
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Games Free Xilva Multimedia iPhone, iPad, iPod

- mice catching
- cat bells catching
- wool balls catching
- laser catching
- endless game to allow you to let your cat play as long as he/she wants
- sound effects allows you to know how well your cat is playing while you are watching TV


Beyond Stupid
kikki mom

Kiki loves cat videos! So for her to find a game boring, it’s really bad. Movement is slow and uninspiring and the fact they disappear is moronic. Sound god awful.


This game is not good for cats. The noise kind of scared away my cat. Even when I muted it, it wouldn’t stop the sound. And it's just FREAKY!?

Lil prepper!!

Epic game ever

Cats love it

We discovered the cats wanted to play iPad with Tap Bugs. Then we found the Friskees cat games. The graphics in this are more simple and plain but I think that's better fur the cats. They are fascinated by the movement. Also Friskees games end too soon and I gave to sit and keep pressing buttons. With this I can put it on and walk away and it keeps going, and the cats stay playing. One cat just likes to sit and watch the balls roll until he falls asleep on the iPad.

Subliminal laser??

My two cats love all the games. They're 7 and 10 months, male and female. The female is more fascinated. What was strange was that when I put on the laser game, both cats reacted like subliminal aphrodisiacs were in play. The male grabbed the female by the neck and pulled her away like a mother with a kitten and the female let him. Strangest thing I ever saw. This happened 3 out of 3 times. It was obvious the sound made the male amorous and I'm curious to see if it continues to happen.. Both are spayed and neutered. Love was in bloom. Very weird. I'll try again tomorrow.

Perfect hamster

Cool cool cool.

NOT the Best Game for Cats

This game is terrible. The graphics are so bad, it looks like child drew them. The sound is weak, and basically my cat hates it.

Don't like?????

My cats don't play with anyone of them. Probably not realistic enough.

Alabaster Saums

I turned this cat "game" on for my fellow feline and he did not appreciate it at all. The out of place consistent chirping annoyed my cat to the point of him hitting my phone off of the windowsill. Bahhumbug, I say!

It's okay...

As soon as the mouse game came on, the sound made my cat pass out. He doesn't react to any of the rest.