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"From prime-time sitcoms (BIG BANG THEORY) to late night TV (JIMMY FALLON) to a fashion accessory for pop stars (LADY GAGA), Doodle Jump is EVERYWHERE! It's a cultural craze, a hot new trend!" - CBS Evening News

"possibly the best iPhone game ever created" - Touch Arcade
"Doodle Jump was Angry Birds before Angry Birds" -


In Doodle Jump, you guide Doodle the Doodler—using some of the most subtle and accurate tilt controls in existence—on a springy journey up, up, up a sheet of graph paper, picking up jet packs, avoiding black holes, and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way.

Laugh with delight as Doodle blows past other players' actual score markers scribbled in the margins. And be warned: this game is insanely addictive.


If you enjoy Doodle Jump FREE with its 4 super cool themes, you will LOVE the FULL VERSION Doodle Jump, which has 10 awesome themes, multiplayer racing, global and friends leaderboards, achievements, store, outfits, and much much more...


ċȏȏʟ ѧƿƿ!
Tiny tiara👑

ȏҡ, ṡȏ ṭһıṡ ѧƿƿ ıṡ ṭȏṭѧʟʟʏ ѧẇєṡȏṃє. ıṭ'ṡ ċȗṭє ѧṅԀ ғȗṅ. ɞȗṭ, єıṭһєя ı ѧṃ яєѧʟʟʏ ṅȏṭ ƿѧʏıṅɢ ѧṭṭєṅṭıȏṅ ȏя ı ѧṃ яıɢһṭ. ı ċѧṅ'ṭ ṡєєṃ ṭȏ ғıṅԀ ȏȗṭ һȏẇ ṭȏ ѧċċєṡṡ ṭһє ȏṭһєя ṭһєṃєṡ. ṡȏ ċѧṅ ʏȏȗ ṃѧҡє ѧ ṭһєṃє ɞȗṭṭȏṅ ȏṅ ṭһє ṃєṅȗ? ṭһѧṅҡ ʏȏȗ ғȏя ṭѧҡıṅɢ ṭıṃє ṭȏ яєѧԀ ṭһıṡ!!!

Doodle jump

The ads are awful... Whenever I'm about to have my high score broken, I have an ad popping up in the world to me and my mom is so much fun and I have to be a good day to be a good time to get a good day to be a good day to day basis of the day I will be a good day to be a good day for me.


I have an iPad 4 and every time I get on it, it crashes!


So when I pass my HIGHSCORE a thing pops up where it says u passed ur HIGHSCORE but does it pause ur game NO it kills u when u press"x" on the top corner of the add like NO👺😡😡👺


This is a terrible horable no good very bad game.I wish I could give it 0 stars⭐️

Good game

Its a very good game but its only has one mp you must pay for the others

Very Frustrating

Keeps crashing. I can't even open the app; if I do, after many attempts, get it to stay open, it crashes when I press play. If I do actually get to play, the score limit ad comes up and there's no countdown or anything after it's over, so it can be very difficult to get past that.

Kinda Glitchy
Puppies 201

Doodle jump is a fun game, but sometimes when I enter the app, it just exits right back out. If you could fix the glitches, that would be great! 👍

Too many ads

The ads literally pop up every single time I'm about to beat my current high score. Fix this problem and I would've kept it more than an hour.

Doodle jump
Terrible game please don't get

If u where looking to get this game don't when ever I would reach my high score an add would pop up and make me lose every time please don't get this game it is not good or fun