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BUBBLE WRAP® is the ultimate bubble wrap simulator for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. If you enjoy popping bubbles, you owe it to yourself to get this app.
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You can just relieve stress by popping virtual BUBBLE WRAP for as long as you want, OR you can play one of the 3 mini games:

1. Blitz Pop - How many bubbles can you pop in a minute
2. Pop 500 - How fast can you pop 500 bubbles
3. Pop All - How fast can you pop the entire Bubble Wrap sheet

"Haha fun! So much better than all of those other bubble wrap games, this is actually addicting and doesn't give you a massive headache." - iTunes review

There are over 2000 bubbles on a single sheet for you to pop - just swipe your finger to reveal more bubbles and pop them all. And once you're done, you can do it again! Just shake your iPhone/iPod/iPad and a fresh new sheet will appear! You will NEVER run out of bubbles to pop, and you will always have it with you in your purse or pocket.

Select black or white bubbles to match your iPhone or iPad. Or, if you prefer color, you can go with slate, sage, or pink.

You can also change the size of the bubbles. Pinch with two fingers to change the size just as you would with a photo. As you change the size, the popping sound will change as well. Bigger bubbles will make a deeper popping sound.

And for the ultimate bubble wrap thrill, try popping multiple bubbles at once!

BUBBLE WRAP has it all:

- over 2000 bubbles per sheet - swipe your finger to move the sheet, shake to refresh.
- 3 SUPER addictive and FUN mini games
- Game Center Leaderboards
- 5 different colors to match your iPhone/iPad or your mood (double-tap "colors" to change and then swipe up/down)
- multi-touch so you can pop multiple bubbles at once
- resizable bubbles - change the size of the bubbles by pinching.
- realistic, professionally recorded popping sounds that change as you change the bubble size.
- endless popping fun

Bubble Wrap® and BubbleWrap and Flag Design® are registered trademarks of Sealed Air Corporation (US) used under license.


What do you think?
It's pretty neat,I don't know

What do you think? 1. It's call of duty with zombies? 2. It's violent? 3. It's supposed to have guns and action? Well,you're wrong! It's to relieve stress,okay? Some people don't read the description and they don't know that it relieves stress. And Hay hay (I'm not gonna say the first word) YOU'RE the dumb one,saying: "People DEES days" what's with that? Okay,everyone. Byeeeee! P.S. I recommend this app to everyone

Not good

I can't even download the app!!!

Bubble wrap!

It's really fun but I think that you should be able to pop more than one bubble at a time


Wow.......I know it's supposed to relief stress and all, but come on, really? Electronic bubble wrap? No.....

Not For Children

Got this game to pacify my 1 year old. Unfortunately, she can't pop the bubbles because she's too busy pressing the LARGE wiggling "you have 1 message" ad at the bottom of the screen. Useless for her. I don't like it because it seems inaccurate (not as responsive as I'd like) and also because the screen shots do not show they large advertising at the bottom (I consider that misleading).


It's fun to pop bubble wrap, but it really is better popping it in real life, not on an app.

So fun!!!!!!

This game is awkwardly addicting. I don't know why, but I love it.


Stress is gone and disappears when I play this game, when I'm sad, mad, or embarrassed all of these feelings or moments drift away. Or if I'm bored this addicting game will keep me company! Thank you Lima sky!

Accessible Gaming Needed
God's White Eagle

I need to first say that I apreciate the proper labeling of the bubble buttons. But could you make the actual games more compatible with voice over? It would be fun to play them as well as just popping. Thanks for a cute app.