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Are you looking for a better mobile DLink app that's easy to use, consistently stable and designed to respect and maintain your privacy?
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We developed the DLink IP Camera Viewer for (almost) the entire DLink Family of home and small business cameras with this focus.

You use your cameras as a baby monitor, as a view to the front and back door, overall home security and even store and small business surveillance. With OWLR, we work hard to make sure you are safe and secure using them.

And, while we release infrequently, we are focusing on creating the best app we can and constantly work with our users to make it the best we can.

NOTE: If you have other branded cameras like Foscam or Axis, you might wish to check out the OWLR Multi Brand IP Camera app on the App Store (http://hootie.co/owlrappfd).

Some of our user's favorite features include:

Our smart auto-discovery feature detects your DLink IP web cam and complete the setup in less than 30 seconds - given your camera is on the home network!

With all of these hackers accessing cameras that have not had their default passwords changed, OWLR checks and confirms with you whether or not your external facing cameras have secure passwords!

OWLR is great for the home security camera enthusiast or a new parent wanting to keep an eye on their baby with our iPad wide-screen matrix of your networked Foscam cameras.

With OWLR, you get both listen and push-to-talk for free - so you can access your baby monitor and/or security cameras live. Speak to your pet, listen to the sound of your baby sleeping or speak to the delivery guy at the front door - all from your phone.

We are furiously adding new features based on user feedback - find us at http://hootie.co/owlr-users-suggest or email us [email protected]

And, as always, Happy Viewing!


- DLink IP cameras autodiscovery (no IP address necessary) and manual install
- External access to camera if UPnP is enabled on your router (http://hootie.co/upnphelp)
- DDNS and hostname support
- Sort camera thumbnails with long-press and drag (only iOS 9+)
- World webcams support (Featured/Favourites)
- MJPEG and RTSP video
- Selected Audio Listen support for DLink cameras
- Easy to use PTZ, IR and other control features
- Mirror and Flip video views (in Video Settings)
- Keep Screen Alive available


OWLR respects you and your privacy:
- All camera passwords stay on your phone, not in our servers
- All camera feeds are only available to you and yours that you share with
- When the app goes into the background, the video feed stops



D-Link DCS-930 L
D-Link DCS-930 LB1
D-Link DCS-930 L
D-Link DCS-931 L
D-Link DCS-932
D-Link DCS-932 L
D-Link DCS-933 L
D-Link DCS-934 L
D-Link DCS-935 L (AO)
D-Link DCS-942 L (AO)
D-Link DCS-942 LB (AO)
D-Link DCS-942 LB1 (AO)
DLink DCS-2130
DLink DCS-2130 L
DLink DCS-2132 L
DLink DCS-2132 LB
DLink DCS-2330 L
DLink DCS-2332 L
DLink DCS-2630 L (AO)
D-Link DCS-5009 L
D-Link DCS-5010 L
D-Link DCS-5020 L
D-Link DCS-5222 L (AO)


Subscribe to Motion Alerts for $0.99 per month in order to receive emails and push notifications for all your cameras.

Please note that you will be charged automatically unless you cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current access period. These settings can be turned off at any time from your iTunes account.




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Can’t log in

The app had no problem finding my camera, but when I hit the setup button it said they couldn’t find it. I’m using the mydlink lite app right now with no problem. I would really like to try this app out but I can’t get to my camera. I tried to send feedback but when I typed into the boxes nothing was entered.




To easy to hack into!

Ok App, asks for location permissions when not needed

Update: A year later, still the same behavior. At this point, I’ve removed this app in favor of a netter one, that doesn’t constantly pester me to give it information it has no need of. When I first started using this app, it asked only once about external access, and then pretty much left it alone. The current version is constantly asking me to give it permissions for location data. I only use this app at home, on my own network. There is ZERO legitimate reason for the app to continuously ask me to give it permission to access my location data. Hence, only 2 stars when it could have been 3 or 4.


I have 2 D-Link cameras, neither one will work with this app because the app finds your cameras but there is no way on the original app to find your user name and yes I tried my email I used in the beginning when I registered and used the app.

If you have Dlink cameras you need this app

I've had Dlink cameras for years but I finally upgraded to the new generation of cloud cameras recently. I didn't really like the my-Dlink app... It was slow and didn't allow sharing the cameras without giving away your password. I tried several other ip camera apps until I found this one. I like the speed, and preview layout... It's all very intuitive. When I ran into a technical issue, I had an email response the next day, with suggestions on how I could improve my camera and router configuration. This kind of customer service is all too rare these days, especially for smart phone apps. This is a great app with great customer support.

Cool set up
Kirk William T

I love how you can check it anywhere!!

Greate app

Nice, easy and reliable.

An Average App

I have tried sending emails to the developer, but they don’t see how to enhance this app comparatively, can’t keep doing the homework for them. There is not much enhancement since the day I downloaded this app. 3 stars is all I can provide for this app.


Better than the DLink app but still not great. Motion detection is bunk. Don’t bother paying for it.

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