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DEVICE 6 is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB


Dog lover 352

I loved the story! It was creepy & haunting, but in a good way. I loved the story behind the game. The puzzles at the end of each chapter were fun & challenging. It is different than other puzzle games in that it is also a book. The ending was perf! All-around great game.


Jed Fish Gould

"Toys seemed to have been turned into weapons and weapons into toys." Gotta love that. Set aside some time, a pad of paper, and a pencil. Be ready to rotate that iPad. I do wish there was more video interaction.


For credits...

This game is incredible!!! It's just so exciting and I love the way that it is structured... I JUST LOVED IT!!!

amazingly done but ..


This was an amazing game with beautiful graphics and an outstanding story.. I just felt like it was too short and there should of been more chapters.

Best iPhone game I've played


It's difficult to describe how a text-based game could be so incredibly good. To me it's like escape-room meets A Year Walk with the immersion of The Silent Age. So good. Very addicting. Play it.

I'm just speechless


I rate this 10 stars out of 5. By far the most incredible game I have ever seen. The visuals are superb and really make you feel like you are Sherlock Holmes. There is no doubt that you will enjoy this app. The app is mysterious and has a flawless backing track. I cannot tell you how absolutely exquisite this app is. It is beyond compare. However, there are some creepy visuals and noises so I do not recommend this app to people under 12, like the app states. It is worth every penny and you will definitely not be upset.

Love it

V Z Great

Ok I started playing this game and at first I was confused on what it was . Seemed like a story but I went on and tried to figure out and it got me very excited ! Loved it! Very unique and creative art style . Can't have enough . Ending was perfect . I'm waiting for the doll I won :0

Device 6

Doesn’t work for me

This app installed itself on my phone without permission and my credit card was charged $3.99, creating an annoying hassle to get my money back. I think this may be a scam since I'd never even heard of it before I got the bill.

Too short and too much math


This game required too much math to solve the puzzles and it was way too short!



I wasn't impressed. At first all the 3D text seemed innovative. After a while it was annoying. The puzzles were basic. The flickering pictures were hard on the eyes. The ending was very dissatisfying.