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5/5 rating based on 133 reviews. Read all reviews for DEVICE 6 for iPhone.
DEVICE 6 is paid iOS app published by Simogo AB



I don't think I can find the words to explain how captivating and fascinating this game was. Creepy, original, challenging, and an all-around perfect game if I've ever seen one. Loved and thoroughly recommend.

Amazing game


This is one of the best games I have ever played. It was intense, interesting, beautiful, enjoyable, and I never wanted it to stop. I only wish there were more levels. ???

The Best Puzzle Game


This is the only puzzle game I've played on iPad that is worth the price. It's both a legitimate challenge, where you have to really pay attention to the subtle clues, and a fun story to try to walk your way through. I really wish it was ten times longer though. SEQUEL PLEASE!



Device 6 is worth it's price because it is very very Emerging and exciting like when you think you are stuck on something you aren't you just haven't followed a code. After all I think if you like puzzle games you will love this. Plus if you like mystery, suspense or scary books then you will like this. This games is kinda like room 1, 2 or 3.

Best text based game I've ever played.


This is the greatest game Ive seen in a time time. It is so elaborate, beautiful, and was very well put together and thought out. It runs so smoothly. I love that you have to turn your phone with the text, and I love the music and sounds. The surveys in between each level and clever one you realize what they are for. The ending is so phenomenal. I would recommend this to anyone.

Best game!


One of the best games, I have ever played! It's challenging, fun and has a great storyline! I love the the way the story flows with the rooms, and movement. It's is difficult but not too hard, you have to think and be good at puzzles. I hope soon for more! Plus I love the song in the Club, it's quite catchy, I'd love to download it.

If you haven't lived in this game yet, GET IT NOW!!!

La Mimada

It is original, bizarre and addictive - best not to play while going to bed because you will not sleep. Unforgettable!

Absolutely the best game I've ever played on anything, ranging from iPhone to PSX


This game is amazing. I bought it before my flight to Peru and played it the entire 8 hour flight. Just make sure you have good headphones!

Waste of time


It wasn't awful until the end, or should I say lake there off. The ending just ruined the entire experience. Don't waste your time or money.



Okay, I'll give this 3 stars, which is 3 stars more than I enjoyed it. As far as its originality, brassy classiness, and outside-the-box creativity, which probably deserves a serious high star indie rating, I just can't. Not for me. Having to turn my device around - and around - and around - while reading text = irritation I'm not willing to endure. I'm disappointed to find only 5 star reviews, which largely persuaded me to give this game a go. Someone out there, like me, may wish to know this game's purposely quirky, but to what end, I don't understand. Hope this review is allowed to stand. Good luck with finding your fan base... it seems it's out there.

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