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Fantasy action and endless runner collide with exciting RPG elements in this incredibly addictive, retro-inspired adventure game! Dash through hordes of enemies to reach epic boss battles! Customize and upgrade your character with Gear, Spells, Skills, Items and Pets! Complete daily challenges for Legendary Gear and other rewards!
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Games Free Tiny Titan Studios Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Addictive action RPG gameplay!
• Daily dungeon, challenges and rewards!
• Epic boss battles!
• Incredibly customizable upgrade system!
• Prestige system with unique perks and bonuses!
• Adventure Mode featuring a complete World Map and hidden secrets!
• Challenges and Mini-Games with dedicated leaderboards!
• Pets that you can accessorize!
• Hero Mode with epic difficulty... and epic rewards!
• Beautiful retro-inspired HD graphics!
• Dozens of achievements!

Can you save the kingdom from the evil Lich and become a Legendary Hero?


Great game, but bad bugs

Every time I try and watch a video to open a chest or revive during a run, the run doesn’t stop and my hero dies. Or if I’m trying to watch a add to revive, the timer runs out and it can’t continue the run. Very annoying.


I played this game before the second game came out and loved it. Recently downloaded it again and I’m starting to get angry with how glitchy it is. Within the last 10 minutes I watched an add to get bonus loot. Didn’t get the loot. Watched an add to revive myself. Didn’t get the revive.

Resolution fix please

Ok one of the updates patches it said it’s been fixed for newer iPhones but I have the iPhone 11 and some of the features are still cut out liable st the top. I can’t see how many coins I have, the bosses health, daily quests, and some other things. That’s why 4 stars

About the legend thing

So I played every dash quest games and so far I think this very first version has the best gaming experience and feels more comfortable, but this one thing is like pain in the ass and is totally artificial difficulty. Becoming a legend, aka restarting everything losing ur gold, and everything u upgrade with ur pet, so u get a extra permanent buff. So every time I reach the point I was like ehhhhh should I do it, it’s not worth it but I’m curios what the stat is, so after restarting 8 times, believe me or not, it really kills ur interest in this game, and if u don’t do it, trust me u feel guilty. Everything good but this feature, pain in the ass (made me deleted it)

Advertisement bug!

The ads pop up each level without pausing the game! I die every time even if I pause before the next level. I can literally hear my hero getting pummeled while I’m FORCED to watch content I don’t care about! I’ve played this game for 3 years & enjoyed every moment until now. Fix it & I’ll update my review! Update 10-12-20: 1 Month later and the bug is still causing me to lose after I defeat any stage boss.

umm yuh

Greatttt game. Very fun and time consuming, just level 35 right now and I’m addicted to it. So fun. Thank you



Impossible to get ghost pet

have lantern, but always stuck at the sign. i always have to restart every time since i'm stuck at the sign (graveyard). Edit: Y'all got it fixed!! :)


The daily dungeon is too difficult. I’ve been playing a week and still can’t get anywhere near close enough to earn even one treasure chest. The magic spells are really unbalanced. Cheap spells that cost 7 or 8mp can be recast faster and are more powerful than the most expensive spells that cost 50mp to use. It really takes all the fun out of the game when you spend forever grinding for gold only to realize the best spells are the cheapest ones you bought in the beginning. It defeats all reason for playing. The items in this game are really unbalanced, and there’s a high amount of redundancy among throwable items (bombs, axes, ninja stars, mega bombs, etc.- they all do about the same damage). Once again, the best items (regular bombs) are the least expensive (100 gold per unit) and can be powered up the most to outclass the most expensive items (axes cost 1500 gold per unit) (powering up bomb damage through upgrading a perk). And the absolute strongest items take a very high amount of grinding to acquire or sheer luck through treasure chests. The pet summons are all pretty much useless and provide little in the way of assistance during battle. Yet pet summons cost a lot of gold to buy and require a lot of exp grinding. I like that ads are optional and not forced on you, but the amount of ad offers is too frequent and often of no value. I’ll open a treasure chest and get 3 basic hp or mana potions if I watch an ad. Why? Those cost next to nothing lol. Gimme a hyper rare item for an ad or a stupid amount of gold.


Okay so I don’t know if theres a like a save option eventually i the game I haven’t gotten that far but this is a really fun rpg this i just a question if theres a save option