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A handy app that keep you close to God.
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Features include:

- Daily readings of the Bible from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
- Podcast of the Daily readings
- The daily reflections are contributed by by Creighton faculty, staff and administrators who reflect upon the daily readings each day.
- Offline access after initial download
- No login required!

You are encouraged to spend at least 10 mins each day to read the daily readings and reflect so as to renew and keep your faith strong.


Marisa Casati

Dear Maria I love this App. I use it almost every morning before I start my day. I have to say however that I am disappointed to see that one of your writers, Tom Lenz is bringing a sensitive matter of politics into his reflection. This is not the place for political opinion, and certainly not what I want to read first thing in the morning. I am not sure if I will continue with the App now. This is a source of religious inspiration for me, and I don’t find that here at the moment. It is sad that it has become a platform to address current political affairs instead ! Regards Marisa Casati South Africa


Love the app but it is disturbing to me that political views are being promoted at the bottom of the screen. There is nothing good in any politics today that promotes hate and dissent. And that is a fact in all politics today - no matter which party.

Nice App
Sr Irison

I use this app daily in the mornings. But however, it appears that the “Read To Me” does not work 9 out of 10 times.

Audio Not working

App content won’t load for “ read to me”

Great app. Need better reader

I love the app & the reflections but there really needs to be a better voice to read the reflections. It is computer read & very monotone. It can be difficult to pay attention to it some days. I usually have it read to me while working.

Great and up to date reflections

The reflections are up to date and reference recent events. Also, you'll find quotes from Pope Francis and other spiritual leaders. Some of the readings are incomplete... After a certain point it cuts off and you can't continue to scroll.

Now with Share Feature

The reflections in this app have always been great, but now you can also share them. I like to copy and paste the reflections in my notes so I can refer to them later. I've tried several daily reflection apps, none are even a close second to this one.

Best daily readings app out there!

Simple and clean with no fluff! Very easy to use and I love the audio feature. Great reflections too. I listen to it everyday! My only request is that you offer a paid version. I would gladly pay you to remove the ad at the bottom. Thank you for creating such a wonderful app!!!

Love It!

A beautiful app. Complete daily readings with spot-on reflections. I use it all the time and love it.

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