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Bible Verses Sticky Notes

This iMessage app is a collection of verses and quotes from the Holy Bible written on different beautifully designed sticky notes that can be easily shared with your family and friends via the iMessage app. The stickers are divided into 3 main categories namely:
Category Price Seller Device
Stickers Free Maria Chua iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Strength,
- Hope,
- Forgiveness

We hope that these stickers can lift up the spirits of your loved ones especially in times of difficulty.

To use, you can follow these simple steps

1) Open or start a conversation in the iMessage app
2) Tap the “App” button to the left of the message field.
3) Tap the button in the bottom left of the screen to view your installed iMessage apps.
4) Tap this app to open.​​​

Attaching Stickers to Messages
Tap once or hold on a sticker to peel it up then drag it to a message bubble to stick it to a message.


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