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The Hone CUE Recognition platform is a medical education application providing you with high-fidelity medical patient simulation on your augmented reality enabled iOS device. The platform is designed for healthcare students and healthcare professionals, to practice and learn diagnostic cue assessment of patients in medical emergencies.
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Medical Free Hone Virtual Education Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hone CUE Recognition enables observational assessment, categorization, and identification of digital patients suffering from Respiratory distress with realistic signs, symptoms, and vital signs. The platform provides you with immediate feedback on your diagnostic accuracy, allowing powerful gains in skill. The first module we have developed is respiratory distress. Patients will be presented in various stages of respiratory effort, including no distress, mild/moderate, severe, and early respiratory failure.

This release is our first version that is publicly available. While we have made every effort to provide a quality product, we appreciate your honest feedback on how we can improve the platform and what would make it a better learning tool for you as a healthcare practitioner.

The Hone Virtual Education team.


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