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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd

Crossy road

Lily Kuntz

It’s a fun addictive game that everyone will enjoy. Just don’t play this game while sitting at work!πŸ˜‚

Exposing major mobile scam


This is a great and fun retro game for all ages, with some exception. The “slot machine” (way you exchange coins for characters) is a total ripoff. The feature in which you use the machine and receive a duplicate offers you a prompt in which you can watch a video for a larger (45%) chance at receiving a new one, or to pay DOUBLE for the same chance at a new one. The scam in this is when you watch the video, you’re STILL more than likely NOT receiving a new character. If you don’t, then you are faced with the same prompt as before for an even larger chance at a new character, and this prompt has the possibility to appear a total of four times until you are guaranteed a new character from the next video (or payment of 200 coins). Even worse, that’s only how this works in theory. More often than not, the game will bug out only after you’ve watched a video for a chance at a reroll, ensuring that you will lose your coins and time. Another disheartening bug is an intentional one in which at the reroll prompt the video button will not work, forcing you to pay the 200 coins or give up your investment as a whole. To put this all in perspective, if every video you watch is equated to the 20 coins you receive in game, then you can spend anywhere from 120-200% of your initial coin investment, all while the owners are profiting off your frustration and their ad revenue. A simple fix to this is simple: normalize the game or offer 50-76% refund of coins if you are to get a duplicate ( you pay 100 to roll the machine, get a duplicate, and then receive 50-75 coins as compensation). An additional leg in this solution requires the devs to work harder at creating more scenes and characters because the lack of scams would allow players to receive the characters they deserve.


Erik the Friend

Erik: Your Games Are Awesome Make More Good Game's. This Is Erik Signing Off. I'm Jeff *Dab*πŸ…±οΈπŸ…ΎοΈSS Dood If You Dont Think This Is Cool Your Ugly P

Yolo Crossing 100%


I love this game! It’s so appropriate for Everyone in the Planet! 100 Star Rating!!! 🀩

Crossy road lover


I love this app the characters at amazing



Makes my day better when I have nothing else to do

Crossy Road

🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 weird kid 93

It’s a horrible game.

Thank you


This is the best game ever thank you so much for making this app it is so fun

Cross roads

Allie Girl 32

Great and addictive game for kids

Crossy road

Anonymous writer2

It is the best game in the world get it in the App Store for free

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