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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd

Cute and relatively easy.

The lord of cheese

This game is adorable and so fun to play. It has so many characters to unlock which adds some sort of goal (other than getting a high score.) it's just hard enough to add a level of challenge but manages to be still be fun! I would definitely recommend it to anybody, I think everyone can play it.

I love Crossy Road

Kayden Guillermo

The creator of Crossy Road I've got to say u did ultimately GREAT!!!!! But on thing that you guys should add. More secret characters and a birthday pack

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Good


Verrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Good

It made me cry when I could not get past my best


I want to get past my best so I tried over 50 times but I got so mad I started to cry and I doled it so if you like to get mad or cry or both then this is the game for you Warning you might look like an idiot if you play it in public and you just throw your phone into the street because you get so mad.


Game ruined!!!!

Just haaaad to add a social interactive competition. What a shame.

Crossy road is awesome

jesse loves to play games

I love this game it’s so funny when I crash into or get run over in the game🀣

Multi-players with IPhone


Why can’t IPhone users play with multi-players like Android phones?!! 😀grrrr

Really good game but is a little glitching

A girl with an M

The game itself is awesome. It totally recommended this game. It is vary addicting. You must download this game. Although there is a few glitches. It is really disappointing because I am in the hundreds and it stops and doesn’t move. I end up dying make me start over again. And it is not my phone because I just got it a few weeks ago. Hope you can fix this.



This game is awesome!! I love how you can be different animals, items, and people! Rock on!!! Signed, FeatherTail