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Crossy Road is free iOS app published by Hipster Whale Pty Ltd

Is it possible to bring back some characters?

Daniel Tuhtan

I love the new update, but have a few questions. First, please fix the New Year’s Doll, because it still has a problem. Also, is it possible to bring back limited edition characters like Psy and Mickey Mouse? I got the game after they were unavailable. I would like to know. Also, please allow more adds for the special coins. Thanks!

More Characters but leaderboards?


Saved up 10000 coins I thought I could get some new ones from the update and guess what happened? Leaderboards! You have to get high scores to unlock them! Btw my score is like 540 and trying to get a better one. I really want collect the characters that I missed.

Killing the game with ads


I used to love this game—play for hours to get coins and new characters. Now, I put in time and get duplicate characters with the option to watch an ad to “try again.” Pointless. You’ve incorporated ads too much and now you’ve lost a download 👎🏼



I wanna eat this game

Awesome game


I highly suggest getting this game

Crossy rode


Gooooooooooood good good 😊

What I think

Emma Elliott

I think that all The characters should be free and they should be more specific. It should have more recent stuff like squishy’s and slime and like a bunch of characters from like Riverdale and stranger things.

Losing Tokens


The new pecking order update involves the new and hard to get tokens currency which allows you to get a rare character. This has a huge issue though, I just opened a pack and got 10 green tokens. I reloaded the app and I looked at the rare characters and all of them had a zero above them, meaning every time I reload the app I lose valuable tokens. This needs to be fixed

Hard to Play


Every time you tap for your character to move, it either doesn’t move at all of just moves very slowly. We cannot predict the time when the character is going to pass the car if it’s always a few millimeters behind. When it jumps, the character moves backwards a tiny bit. When you are jumping on the logs, some of them don’t even move fast enough so you can catch them and jump on them. You can be waiting on a log and reach the edge and STILL not have a log come across your path. With the new Pecking Order you do the same map over and over again which gets extremely boring if you’re trying to get to the top. You have to go over and over again doing the same thing every single time, and it’s getting frustrating. I also don’t see a point in duplicates either. I wish overall the game had smoother and quicker gameplay.

5 star game, killed by ads

B.D Shoemaker

“Duplicate” prizes that force you to watch another 30 second at are absolutely killing this game